Our Process

Thank you for your interest in our cabinetry. We offer the following outline of our process to help you to get the most out of your custom cabinet experience. If you have worked with a custom shop in the past, much of this will be no surprise. If this is your first time dealing directly with a shop; we will do our best to explain the process and address your questions here. We want your experience to be pleasant and hope that by educating you we can help to reduce the stress that is associated with the process.

We try very hard to listen to what our customers want; we work closely with you or your designer or builder; and we will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied. Please read through the following and let us know if you have any other questions.



Getting Started / Planning

Long before you build or remodel, you should be keeping a file of clippings with styles and rooms that you connect with. You can create a Houzz.com profile and save endless rooms full of design ideas. When you contact us, we can send you our questionnaire, that is designed to not only help us define your needs, but often reveals things to you as well about what is truly important in your space. These, along with our interview with you and any other possible information you may have, will help us to better understand your vision.

When you are ready, please contact us for a free estimate. We are happy to offer ONE VISIT to your home for free. We will assist you with planning your space, selecting your design and take measurements of the area. If you have plans from your designer or architect – we can give you an estimate from those and use your free visit to do final project measurements on site prior to the build.

In order for us to give you a complete estimate, please be prepared to give us:

  • Plans, drawings or a sketch.
  • Appliance specifications, if they have been selected.
  • A list of ‘must haves’ for your space.
  • Any samples that you have selected – flooring, paint, counters, etc.
  • Your budget . There is no benefit in us designing a $25,000 kitchen if your budget is $15,000. It is a much better use of our time and resources to try and give you as much as we can for your money.
  • Your design idea files and our completed questionnaire.

We will email you a detailed estimate and are available to answer any questions you may have. Your estimate will have items clearly listed so that you can see your project costs, but we are happy to go over the estimate with you, just schedule a time with us at the shop. We can easily make changes at this stage, this is the time to fine tune your wishes, not after production has begun.

When you decide that you are ready to proceed with your project, you can contact us so we can discuss details including: our ability to obtain accurate measurements of the site, finalizing design details, ordering specialty woods or hardware, appliances that are special ordered, as well as the volume of work we are currently processing. You will have the option of adding trash pullouts, pantry pull outs, spice drawers, silverware dividers, etc.

We can then prepare your order, outlining all of your selections and time line. Our projects are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Most jobs require 4-12 weeks depending on the size and scope of project as well as the current backlog of work going through the shop.

We will collect your deposit and you will receive a copy of your signed sales order along with a payment schedule. You will be required to make 3-4 installments on your cabinetry by the time the process is complete. You will always hold a percentage of cost until the job is complete and you are satisfied.

Any changes after this point will require a written change order and will result in additional charges and a delayed delivery date.



To begin the Design process we will require ALL APPLIANCE SPECIFICATIONS. If you have not selected or purchased your appliance package, we will need that to happen before we can proceed with design. We would also like to have contact information for any other contractors working on the project.

We will produce a preliminary design, usually within 2 weeks, and then schedule a time for you to come in and go over the drawings and dimensions. It is very important to make sure that we have communicated all of your wishes into your order. At this meeting, we will make final changes to the design.

Depending on the type of project, we often make an additional site visit to double check our measurements along with noting any changes on site. The preliminary design and these field measurements will allow us to create the final renderings. This will be emailed to you for approval and must be signed and returned promptly as to not delay production schedule.

We will prepare a sample door for your approval of design, species and finish of your cabinetry. You may use this sample while you are selecting counter material, wall finishes and flooring too. We ask that when you are finished, you return this door to us so we have it for our records.


The Build

We now order the materials for your project including the wood, finishes, glides, hinges and any other specialty items that you ordered. We are a small, custom shop and as such, do not stock large quantities of sheet goods or lumber. Every piece of material needed for your cabinetry needs to be ordered, delivered and prepared.

As part of our general agreement, we do not include knobs or pulls in our pricing. These items, although they seem to be just basic, can vary in cost from $3.00 each to well over $100 each- and we do not want to limit you to just a few. Many designers also select knobs and pulls and we do not interfere with their vision. You may select any knobs or pulls from our display or catalogs, we price them for you and, as long as you purchase them through the shop a minimum of four weeks prior to completion, we will install them for you while your cabinets are still in production. If you purchase knobs or pulls elsewhere or wait until the cabinets have left the shop and want them installed, we must charge you an hourly rate to put them on.

If you desire a specialty glass, we will work with you to select the product and will gladly install it; however you will be responsible for the additional cost of the glass.

As the materials are being sent to the shop, we prepare all of the required cut lists that will eventually be put together to build your cabinetry. There are many complex steps to building the cabinets, doors, drawers, trim pieces and toe kicks. When the material arrives it is sorted, straightlined, planed, sanded and cut into the required sizes. The doors parts are shaped and then assembled. We DO NOT purchase doors from a manufacturer. Face frames are pocket bored and assembled prior to being built with the boxes. There is a constant sound of sanders working on every surface. Drawer box parts are cut to size, dovetailed, dadoed and then assembled, glued and sanded.

We then move on to the finishing area where the stain, color and or lacquer are applied to your cabinetry to give it the long lasting finish you selected.

All the parts are complete and are now assembled with glides and hinges. We set up your cabinetry in the shop, in the same floor plan as in your home to assure that we got it right. It then awaits a trip on the fork lift down to be loaded for transport to your project site.

Your cabinetry is delivered, including toe kicks, trim and sub top; completely ready for your installer, counter top, plumber and or electrician to continue on with. Remember that we love to come out a take ‘After’ photos of your project when all the finishing touches are complete- Please call us when the time is right.